Restoration Alternatives

Development and Analysis

There are many possible ways to restore the South Bay salt ponds. Through a series of public workshops and meetings, input was solicited from the Project Management Team, Science Team, Regulatory and Trustee Agency Group, and the public. Three restoration alternatives were developed. These alternatives will undergo NEPA/CEQA analysis, and an Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Impact Statement will be prepared. The overarching goal is the restoration and enhancement of wetlands in South San Francisco Bay while providing for flood management and wildlife-oriented public access and recreation. The alternatives have been planned at a program level, to be followed by more detailed planning as individual pieces of the program proceed to implementation.

The alternatives are:

  • Alternative A: No Action
  • Alternative B: Managed Pond Emphasis (50:50 Tidal Habitat to Managed Pond by area)
  • Alternative C: Tidal Habitat Emphasis (90:10 Tidal Habitat to Managed Pond by area)

The mix of habitats in the restoration alternatives is expected to benefit a diversity of wildlife, including special-status species and migratory birds, and to increase the overall abundance and diversity of native species in South San Francisco Bay. The restoration alternatives are designed to improve existing levels of flood protection and provide high quality public access and recreation opportunities.

Final Project Alternatives Report (February 2006)

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Public draft of Final Project Alternatives Report (December 2005)