Events & Meetings

Upcoming events

October 2014

Team Citizen Scientists! - Community Service (Alviso) 4 (Sat)
Bird Migration Walk (Menlo Park) 4 (Sat)
Refuge Fall Volunteer Orientation (Alviso) 7 (Tue)
Celebrate National Wildlife Refuge Week! (Alviso) 11 (Sat)
Shorebirds Return (Menlo Park) 19 (Sun)
Refuge Fall Volunteer Orientation (Alviso) 19 (Sun)
Tiny Drifters (Alviso) 19 (Sun)
Spooky Slough! (Alviso) 25 (Sat)
Mallard Slough Trail Hike - 4.3 miles Roundtrip (Alviso) 26 (Sun)

November 2014

Refuge Fall Volunteer Orientation (Alviso) 1 (Sat)
Jr. Refuge Ranger Program (Alviso) 1 (Sat)
Bird Migration Walk (Menlo Park) 1 (Sat)
Habitat Under Construction in Bedwell Bayfront Park (Menlo Park) 8 (Sat)
World Kindness Week at Ravenswood Pond (Menlo Park) 15 (Sat)
Ohlone in the Marshes - Staves (Alviso) 16 (Sun)
Refuge Fall Volunteer Orientation (Alviso) 18 (Tue)
Beginning Bird Watching (Alviso) 22 (Sat)
Give Thanks for the Bay at Eden Ecological Reserve (Hayward) 22 (Sat)
Fossils and Flumes (Alviso) 22 (Sat)

If you require additional assistance to participate in public meetings, please contact Ariel Ambruster at 510-528-5006 or as far in advance as possible. Information regarding public meetings is available in alternative formats upon request.