State of the Estuary Conference 2017

Outstanding Environmental Project Award!

Project managers are proud to have received the Friends of the Estuary Outstanding Environmental Project award at this year’s conference for our Phase 1 habitat and recreation work. The ten years of work improved 3,750 acres of habitat and created 7 miles of new trails, among other recreation improvements. As a result, endangered species and native fish are already using restored areas, and we are seeing increased dabbling ducks and nesting shorebirds in enhanced ponds. Visitors are walking, biking and kayaking in new areas.

We thank our many partners for making those successes possible.

Presentations and Posters

Instead of a Restoration Project biennial science symposium, in 2017, the Project held a concurrent session at the State of the Estuary Conference, entitled “A Decade of Adaptive Management: South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project.”

Many of the Project-related presentations from this and other sessions, and Project-related posters, are available below.

  • 2017 State of the Estuary Conference Program (PDF)
  • 2017 State of the Estuary Poster Program (PDF)

Restoration Project-Related Presentations

Restoration Project-Related Posters