2017 Stakeholder Forum tour
2017 Stakeholder Forum tour
Tue, 08/15/2017, 12:12pm – 4:00pm
Tue, 08/04/2015, 1:01pm – 4:00pm
Tue, 09/24/2013, 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Thu, 11/15/2012, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

The Stakeholder Forum is the principal public advisory body to the Restoration Project. It is comprised of stakeholders with long-term, ongoing interest in the restoration plan and South Bay shoreline. The Forum meets when there is new information to discuss, ideally every year or two, and most often in the fall. The Project's three geographic working groups, which advised on pond complex-specific design, construction and science during Phase 1, are now invited to continue to participate via Stakeholder Forum meetings.

Stakeholder Forum Mission

The purpose of the Stakeholder Forum is to provide ongoing, high level, publicly derived input to the Project Management Team on the restoration plan. Managers use this input as the basis to provide feasible and substantive design and plan management direction to the Consultant Design Team. The Forum also assists managers in gaining a broader understanding of public and interest group perspectives.


The Stakeholder Forum is comprised of core stakeholders representing the following categories:

  • Local Business and Adjacent landowners;
  • Environmental organizations;
  • Public Access /Recreation Interests;
  • Public Infrastructure;
  • Community advocates and institutions;
  • Flood management;
  • Public Works/Public Health; and
  • Local or State Elected officials.

Central to the selection process was the effort to obtain broad geographic and interest-based diversity, as well as participants with a demonstrated commitment to inclusive, collaborative solutions.

Stakeholder Forum Members, 2021

  • Marilou Ayupan, City of Union City
  • Jennifer Brown, City of San Jose Environmental Services
  • Donald Chuck, NASA Ames Research Center
  • John Coleman, Bay Planning Coalition
  • Gita Dev, Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter
  • Arthur Feinstein, Citizens Committee to Complete the Refuge
  • Glenn Hendricks, City of Sunnyvale
  • Lee Huo, San Francisco Bay Trail
  • Ralph Johnson, Alameda County Flood Control District (retired)
  • Shani Kleinhaus, Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society
  • Jane Lavelle, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
  • David Lewis, Save The Bay
  • Mariano Mandler, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
  • Dorsey Moore, Santa Clara Open Space Authority
  • Anne Morkill, USFWS (retired)
  • Ric Notini, Cargill Salt
  • Russ Robinson, Recreational Boaters of California
  • Richard Santos, Santa Clara Valley Water District
  • Pat Showalter, City of Mountain View
  • Charles Taylor, Alviso community
  • Karine Tokatlian, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District
  • Dennis Waespi, East Bay Regional Park District and Hayward Area Shoreline Planning Agency
  • Brian Weber, San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District
  • Kristine Zortman, Port of Redwood City

Roles and Responsibilities

In the early years of the Project, the Stakeholder Forum provided focused review, discussion and consensus-seeking on several key issues in the development of the Long-Term Restoration Plan. Now that the Project is in its implementation phase, the Stakeholder Forum provides focused review, discussion and input on the following key restoration and planning issues:

  • Review and input on the final objectives of additional restoration plan phases
  • Development and discussion of possible trade-offs across planning and implementation objectives
  • Discussion and consensus-seeking on design opportunities and constraints and integration of the habitat, public access, and flood management objectives
  • Review and consensus-seeking on restoration concepts
  • Public access/recreational components
  • Floodplain, tidal flood and sea level rise protection integral to the restoration effort
  • Water quality effects, including mercury methylation
  • Opportunities for South Bay water quality improvement
  • Habitat mosaics and location
  • Dredge material use/placement
  • Vector management and predation control
  • Funding partnerships and opportunities

The Restoration Project Management Team may periodically assign specific tasks or directives to be undertaken by the Forum.


Read the entire charter of the Stakeholder Forum.

August 15, 2017

  • Meeting Summary (PDF)
  • Final Agenda (PDF)
  • Main Presentation (PDF)
  • Handout - Eden (PDF)
  • Handout - Alviso (PDF)
  • Handout - Ravenswood (PDF)

August 4, 2015

  • Meeting Summary (PDF)
  • Final Agenda (PDF)
  • Main Presentation (PDF)
  • Forum Charter (PDF)

September 24, 2013

  • Final Agenda (PDF)
  • Main Presentation (PDF)
  • Science Update (PDF)
  • Meeting Summary (PDF)

November 15, 2012 Meeting

  • Final Agenda (PDF)
  • Meeting Summary (PDF)
  • Main Presentation (PDF)
  • Handout - Eden (PDF)
  • Handout - Alviso (PDF)
  • Handout - Ravenswood (PDF)
  • Science Update (PDF)
  • CCCR 1974 Charleston Slough Photo (JPG)

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