This South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project (Project) 2011 Annual Self-Monitoring Report (Report) has been prepared to provide: 1) an update of Project Phase I activities that were completed or began implementation in 2011; 2) information on on-going operations of the Alviso and Ravenswood Ponds; 3) results of the 2011 water quality monitoring conducted at the Alviso Ponds; 4) results of fisheries monitoring and applied studies; 5) a description of the proposed 2012 applied studies; and 6) Phase II planning efforts.

In previous years, this annual report has focused on water quality monitoring results and has been submitted to the California Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) to comply with the Self-Monitoring Program (SMP) as described in the Final Order (No. R2-2008-0078). This is the second year the report will also be submitted to NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) because we have included additional fisheries monitoring conducted as part of the Science Program’s Applied Studies, which are intended to fill the most important gaps in our knowledge about South San Francisco Bay (South Bay) ecosystem.

It is anticipated that both water quality and fisheries information will help the Water Board and NMFS: 1) understand the status of the Project; 2) provide feedback and guidance to the Project Management Team on current and future applied studies and monitoring; and 3) assist in identifying emerging key uncertainties and management decisions required to keep the Project on track toward its restoration objectives.