Cover of Phase 2 Science Program Framework report, closeup of Pond A21. Credit: Cris Benton
Cover of Phase 2 Science Program Framework report, closeup of Pond A21. Credit: Cris Benton

This Science Program Framework provides a transparent, rational approach for identifying and implementing the most relevant science to inform restoration and management decisions in pursuit of the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project’s mission, which is the restoration and enhancement of wetlands in the South San Francisco Bay while providing for flood risk management and wildlife-oriented public access and recreation.

This Framework is intended as a tool for the Project Management Team to determine the most critical and immediate science needs to advance Project goals for South San Francisco Bay wetlands and shoreline management. The Framework provides a prioritization process that is intended to serve as a guide for discussions and decision-making among PMT members and relevant stakeholders about how to prioritize limited resources for science to address the most critical and immediate needs of the Project. This Framework does not prescribe or describe in detail the plans or products that the PMT might develop but rather serves to guide those efforts. 

The primary intended user of this Framework is the PMT. Regulators, scientists, land managers, and other decision-makers can also use the Framework document to identify potential synergies between their activities and goals and the Project’s science activities. These other users can also benefit from the Framework document, which should be useful to any stakeholder interested in a better understanding of the Project’s decision-making process.

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