This Working Group is being convened as a subcommittee of the Lower Alameda Creek Stewardship Committee, an ongoing group that advises the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.

What is the purpose of this Working Group?

The mission of the Working Group is to:

  • Provide an active voice for community members in the Phase 1 restoration activities and public access improvements
  • Develop ways to more actively engage the general public in supporting future project funding needs.

What will the Work Group do?

Over the next two years, Work Group members will:

  • Provide input on the design of the public access improvements
  • Provide input on the restoration actions in Ponds E-12 and E-13
  • Provide feedback on the proposed research and monitoring studies to track wildlife response to public access in the Eden Landing area

Who Should Participate?

The project managers are seeking the active involvement of members of the public who live, work and/or recreate anywhere near the Eden Landing Ponds. In particular, they are seeking the participation of:

  • Private industry and Chambers of Commerce
  • Homeowners associations
  • Environmental groups
  • Regional, municipal and county parks, public works and/or planning departments/agencies
  • Municipal, county and regional transportation and/or economic development agencies/organizations
  • CalTrans
  • Major private utilities, such as Pacific Gas & Electric Co
  • Recreational interest groups (e.g., fishing, boating, hunting, bicycling, hiking, birding)

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Eden Landing Workgroup Charter.