To help structure the South Bay Salt Ponds long-term restoration planning, the Project Partners (State Coastal Conservancy, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and California Department of Fish and Game) have completed an assessment to elicit the interested community's issues and concerns regarding the restoration planning process. The assessment was conducted by a neutral professional organization, the Center for Collaborative Policy, a joint program of California State University Sacramento and the McGeorge School of Law. For more information about the Center for Collaborative Policy's scope of work and facilitation team, please see the overview. Throughout the month of June and July, 2003 a team of facilitators from the Center for Collaborative Policy interviewed a set of representative stakeholders. All interview participants were asked the same set of identical questions that were developed by the Center for Collaborative Policy in collaboration with the Project Partners. For more information regarding how this assessment was conducted, please review the Assessment Overview.

Public Input Sought and Received

In addition to the interviews, interested members of the public were invited to respond to the questionnaire, which was available to the public on the project web-site, during the assessment period (June-July). Responses to the assessment questionnaire were accepted until the end of July. The questionnaire is available for review.

Final Stakeholder and Organizational Assessment Findings and Recommendations Report

The FINAL Stakeholder and Organizational Assessment Findings and Recommendations Report was prepared by the Center for Collaborative Policy. This document presents findings, analysis, and recommendations about the South Bay Salt Ponds Restoration Project derived from the extensive stakeholder interviews conducted from June to August, 2003. Hard copies of this report will be mailed to all individuals who were interviewed as part of the assessment process.

Main document 761K PDF  
Appendix A 28K PDF
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Appendix D 100K PDF

It should be noted that the Stakeholder Assessment Report is a "snapshot in time" and reflects the conditions and findings at the time of the interviews. The proposed collaborative effort described in the report is an evolving process. Future collaborative decisions by stakeholders and the State Coastal Conservancy, USFWS, and DFG will provide more specifics about the proposed process.