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Join biologists at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve to view one of the few breeding colonies of the endangered California Least Tern in the San Francisco Bay! 

The group at the free San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory (SFBBO) event will look for adults incubating nests, young downy chicks being fed by their parents, older feathered chicks running around the colony, and fledglings learning to fly!

Participants are urged to bring their own spotting scopes. SFBBO will have a few to share.

Families are welcome, but please note that all attendees will need to stay together throughout the duration of the event, and that a restroom will only be available at the beginning and end of the event. Please expect to stay for the duration.

California least terns are endangered ground-nesting seabirds, and SFBBO biologists and volunteers actively monitor the Eden Landing colony. The birds breed at former industrial salt production ponds that the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project has enhanced to support nesting shorebirds. The Hayward reserve is owned and managed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

This event is limited to 20 participants. In accordance with SFBBO's COVID-19 safety protocols, the organization asks that participants fill out an online health self-assessment form the day before the event, and that they bring a face mask for carpooling so the group can pile into fewer vehicles.

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Southern Eden Landing Ecological Reserve

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