Tern up for California Least Tern Conservation! Least Tern Colony Viewing

Join San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory biologists at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve to view one of only six San Francisco Bay breeding colonies of endangered California least terns.

The group at the free event will look for adults incubating nests, young downy chicks being fed by their parents, older feathered chicks running around the colony, and fledglings learning to fly.

Birdy Hour: Identification of Shorebirds with a Focus on Calidris

Shorebirds are an exciting yet vexing group for birders to identify. At this free virtual event, Jon Dunn and Lara Tseng will discuss sandpipers: not only their identification, but also plumages, structure, molts, behavior, status and distribution. They will also talk about how to look at and study shorebirds – doing so requires some memorization but more importantly patience, love, and understanding of the many varied species in these families.

Least Tern Spring Habitat Enhancement Event

Join San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory at Eden Landing to help enhance habitat for endangered California least terns!

Volunteers will join SFBBO staff at Pond E14, which supports one of only six least tern breeding colonies in the San Francisco Bay estuary.

To help improve tern breeding success, we will remove predator perches and, at the colony site, thin overgrown vegetation that reduces breeding habitat quality. We will also enhance the habitat by:

Come see our wonderful wetlands from the Bay Trail-Group Ride

Dave Halsing, Restoration Project Executive Project Manager, will share information about wetlands restoration at a group bike ride along the Bay Trail in Mountain View. Mountain View Council Member Pat Showalter and environmental advocate Lenny Siegel will also participate in the event, which will include information about environmental issues at Moffett Field. The bike ride is sponsored by Balanced Mountain View and the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, with support from Mountain View Coalition for Sustainable Planning (MVCSP) and GreenSpacesMV.

Least Tern and Snowy Plover Habitat Event

Join the plucky group of volunteers who will meet at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve in Hayward to improve the lot of least terns and western snowy plovers by spreading oyster shells, removing predator perches, and improving foraging habitat for the listed species.

The 2nd annual event at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife reserve is sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory.

Volunteers are asked to bring face mask, work gloves, muck boots, and tools such as a shovel, pick, and saw. And, of course, water and snacks.

California Biodiversity Week: "Virtual Habitat Hike" of marshes at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Refuge Ranger Miguel Marquez and Olivia Poulosthe, an Associate with the Watershed Watchers anti-pollution program, will lead this virtual tour of marsh habitat near the Don Edwards Refuge's Environmental Education Center in Alviso.

The event is  part of a celebration o California Biodiversity Week, September 4-13. More information:

Celebrate California Biodiversity Week and learn about the Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge!

California Biodiversity Week: Biodiversity of Tidal Marshes in the South San Francisco Bay: Helping Plants, Animals, and You

Join Don Edwards Refuge Wildlife Biologist Rachel Tertes for a virtual program on South San Francisco Bay salt marsh biodiversity.  The event is  part of a celebration o California Biodiversity Week, September 4-13. More information:

Celebrate California Biodiversity Week and learn about the Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge!

Birdy Hour: The Unique Evolutionary History of Salt Marsh Sparrows in the SF Bay Area and Their Persistence in a Human-dominated Environment

The San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory's latest Birdy Hour presentation features Dr. Phred Benham, a UC Berkeley post-doctoral researcher, discussing how salt marsh sparrows survive in the harsh edge ecologies of coastal salt marsh, exposed to high salinity, daily coastal flooding, and increasing human pressures on coastal habitats.

The free talk is recommended for ages high school and up.

For more information on the talk and Dr. Benham, or to register, see here.


Restoration Project Virtual Science Presentation: An Update on the Habitat Evolution Mapping Project (HEMP) - Preliminary Results for 2019

Project consulting scientist Brian Fulfrost of Brian Fulfrost & Associates shared information on his latest effort to use satellite imagery to map South Bay habitats. His background information on the project:

Restoration Project Presentation: Wetland Restoration in the South Bay

Watch the recording of this event.

Celebrate World Wetlands Day with us by learning about the largest wetland restoration project on the West Coast!

Interested in learning about the wetland restoration project happening here in the South Bay? Join the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project and San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society for an engaging and educational program featuring our Executive Project Manager, Dave Halsing.

Refuge Rails and Tales

Behind the peaceful Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge and beautiful San Francisco Bay are many fascinating tales: the little rail vs. the big rail, the mouse with the mighty tail, the amazing mistake that led to the discovery of the Bay, the marsh named after Chicago, how the Bay was nearly destroyed (twice!), how three women saved the Bay, why the Refuge was created, and many more! Join docent Larry Rosenblum as he recounts little-known tales that will give you an appreciation of the Refuge and the Bay.

History and Mystery of the Refuge and the Bay

The Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1972, but this story starts 200 years earlier when Europeans discovered San Francisco Bay. Learn about the Bay’s history and the answers to mysteries such as: Why are mercury and gold a lethal duo? How did silver mining in Nevada affect the Bay? Why was Oscar the Grouch happier 60 years ago than today? Join docent Larry Rosenblum to discover the answer to these mysteries and others, then take a virtual tour through one of the marshes of the Refuge.

Virtual Science Talk: Return of the Terns! Using Social Attraction to Establish Tern Nesting Colonies in South San Francisco Bay

The San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory launches its Birdy Hour Speaker Series! This virtual Science Talk is free and family-friendly (recommended age: 5th grade & up). The talk by Dr. Alex Hartman of the U.S. Geological Society will focus on two recent successful social attraction projects at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge: the establishment of Caspian tern nesting colonies in Alviso Pond A16 and Ravenswood Pond SF2, and the re-establishment of Forster’s tern nesting colonies in Pond A16.