2006 SBSS banner
2006 SBSS banner
Tue, 06/06/2006, 9:00am – 6:30pm
  • 2006 Science Symposium Synopses (PDF)
  • Program (PDF)
  • Speaker Presentations
    • Abstracts of Speaker Presentations (PDF)
    • Ackerman and Takekawa—Gull Predation on Waterbird Nests and Chicks in the South San Francisco Bay (PDF)
    • Athearn et al.—Water quality in the salt ponds and effects of pond discharges on receving waters (PDF)
    • Bourgeois and Duke—Marsh plant associations of South San Francisco Bay (PDF)
    • Calloway et al.—Sediment Deposition in Restored South Bay Salt Marshes: Initial Results from the Island Ponds (PDF)
    • Cloern—Surprising Trends of Phytoplankton Increase in South San Francisco Bay (PDF)
    • Collins—Challenges in Estimating Sediment Supply Rates from Local Watersheds to the South Bay (PDF)
    • Davis et al.—South Bay trace contaminants: recent findings from the Regional Monitoring Program (PDF)
    • Lucas et al.—Hydrodynamic Copnnectivity between shallow and deep environments: a first-order control on phytoplankton blooms in South San Francisco Bay (PDF)
    • McKee—Discharge of water and suspended sediments to the South Bay from Coyote Creek and Guadalupe watersheds: Water Years 2003-2005 (PDF)
    • Stacey and MacVean—Coyote Creek and The Island Ponds:Coyote Creek and The Island Ponds: Tides, Salinity and Suspended Sediment Tides, Salinity and Suspended Sediment (PDF)
    • Stralberg et al.—Modeling the effecs of restoration on South San Francisco Bay bird communities (PDF)
    • Strong—Waterbird monitoring at the Newark ponds (PDF)
    • Trulio and Sokale—Waterbird response to trail use around San Francisco Bay (PDF)
    • Williams—Physical processes and tidal marsh evolution: Cooley Landing and Warm Springs Marsh (PDF)
  • Abstracts of Poster Presentations (PDF)

Martin Luther King Jr. Library at San Jose State University

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