The Science Program occasionally conducts workshops, symposia, and conferences.

National Science Panel

The National Science Panel spearheaded the concept of a design charette to lay out a long-term vision that can guide the project over several decades, and bring existing experience to bear on both the identification of important research issues and opportunities for early restoration successes.

State of the Estuary Conference 2017

Outstanding Environmental Project Award!

Project managers are proud to have received the Friends of the Estuary Outstanding Environmental Project award at this year’s conference for our Phase 1 habitat and recreation work. The ten years of work improved 3,750 acres of habitat and created 7 miles of new trails, among other recreation improvements. As a result, endangered species and native fish are already using restored areas, and we are seeing increased dabbling ducks and nesting shorebirds in enhanced ponds. Visitors are walking, biking and kayaking in new areas.

SBSP Session at the Bay Delta Science Conference 2010

Overview of the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project (PDF) Sediment flux in the southern reach of San Francisco Bay: Implications for habitat restoration (PDF) Using Remote Sensing to Map the Evolution of Marsh Vegetation in the South Bay of San Francisco (PDF) Sediment Dynamics at the Island Ponds: Indications from Early Salt Pond Restoration (PDF) Will Restoration Cause Loss of Mudflats in South San Francisco Bay? (PDF) ...

Datums Seminar

This seminar was targeted toward researchers and scientists working in the south San Francisco Bay to better understand NOAA CO-OPS vertical datums information. Marti Ikehara, the CA State Geodetic Advisor for NOAA/NOS/NGS presented the seminar. The seminar was 2 hours and interactive with questions and answers. The purpose of the seminar was for researchers and scientists to have a clear understanding of the vertical datums and water level data on the NOAA CO-OPS website, and to understand how to read, and how not to read, the CO-OPS materials available on their website.

Science Team/PMT meeting

This South Bay Salt Pond Restoration (SBSPR) Project annual meeting seeks to bring all researchers up to date on latest studies/results, foster collaboration among researchers, seek ideas for funding for science/applied studies, and foster direct dialogue between researchers and managers on proposed management actions.