Stakeholder Forum 11-3-21 recording screenshot
Stakeholder Forum 11-3-21 recording screenshot
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Stakeholder Forum

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Wed, 11/03/2021, 1:00pm – 3:30pm

More than 100 people attended this virtual public meeting to learn, provide feedback, and dialogue about Restoration Project progress, science, funding, and other restoration-related topics.

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The public meeting, our first since 2017, offered an opportunity for members of the Stakeholder Forum and the public to learn about newly launched Phase 2 construction, as well as plans for future Phase 2 habitat, public access, and flood management improvements on the Project area, which ranges from Hayward to south and west along San Jose and along the Peninsula's Bay shore as far north as Menlo Park.The meeting included plenary presentations and discussion, as well as informal discussions in four unrecorded breakout sessions on Science and Monitoring; Eden Landing ponds; Refuge Alviso ponds; and Refuge Ravenswood ponds.

Plans for a meeting-day in-person tour of a current or future construction site have been postponed until COVID-related safety precautions have eased.