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Eden Landing Ecological Reserve, Arden Road, Hayward

Tern up for California Least Tern Conservation! Least Tern Colony Viewing

Join San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory biologists at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve to view one of only six San Francisco Bay breeding colonies of endangered California least terns.

The group at the free event will look for adults incubating nests, young downy chicks being fed by their parents, older feathered chicks running around the colony, and fledglings learning to fly.

Least Tern Spring Habitat Enhancement Event

Join San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory at Eden Landing to help enhance habitat for endangered California least terns!

Volunteers will join SFBBO staff at Pond E14, which supports one of only six least tern breeding colonies in the San Francisco Bay estuary.

To help improve tern breeding success, we will remove predator perches and, at the colony site, thin overgrown vegetation that reduces breeding habitat quality. We will also enhance the habitat by:

Least Tern and Snowy Plover Habitat Event

Join the plucky group of volunteers who will meet at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve in Hayward to improve the lot of least terns and western snowy plovers by spreading oyster shells, removing predator perches, and improving foraging habitat for the listed species.

The 2nd annual event at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife reserve is sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory.

Volunteers are asked to bring face mask, work gloves, muck boots, and tools such as a shovel, pick, and saw. And, of course, water and snacks.

Least Tern Habitat Enhancement Event

Come join the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project team, and others in the 1st annual California Least Tern Habitat Enhancement event!

To help these beautiful and interesting birds, we will be removing old wood structures and weedy vegetation, installing decoys and sound systems, and building shelters for least tern chicks. These efforts will improve the habitat quality for these endangered species and help boost their populations in the Bay Area.