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26348 Eden Landing Road

Least Tern Habitat Enhancement Event

Come join the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project team, and others in the 1st annual California Least Tern Habitat Enhancement event!

To help these beautiful and interesting birds, we will be removing old wood structures and weedy vegetation, installing decoys and sound systems, and building shelters for least tern chicks. These efforts will improve the habitat quality for these endangered species and help boost their populations in the Bay Area.

Eden Landing Mud Stomp for Western Snowy Plover

Want to help Western Snowy Plover by stomping through mud? These threatened birds nest in small depressions on the ground, and we're going to make more of them by walking across former salt production ponds. You can help by joining us in the fun. Bring your family, friends, and kids (no dogs!) out to Eden Landing Ecological Reserve on Saturday, March 28, between 9 am and 1 pm. It's a fun event that really improves the nesting success of these super-cute birds.