Through the newly forming Alviso Ponds/Santa Clara County Working Group, the project partners are seeking the active participation of the public to help shape long-term tidal marsh restoration and flood protection in the South Bay.

What is the purpose of this Working Group?

The Alviso Ponds and Santa Clara County Working Group will support both the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project and the Shoreline Study by providing ongoing, input and advice to both projects.

Phase 1 of the SBSP project in the Alviso Ponds and Santa Clara County focuses on opening up some salt ponds to the bay, and on expanding and improving public access. Simultaneously, the Shoreline Study is developing detailed plans for the long-term flood protection levees, and other flood protection improvements.

The mission of the Working Group is to:

  • Provide an active voice for community members in the Phase 1restoration implementation and flood protection planning
  • Provide a forum for contributing to solutions to rising sea levels in the South Bay; and
  • Develop ways to more actively engage the general public in supporting future project funding needs.

What will the Work Group do?

Over the next two years, Work Group members will:

  • Help design the public access improvements at Pond A-18 and the new Bay Trail spine segment adjacent to Sunnyvale that will adjoin the existing trail along Stevens Creek;
  • Provide input on the restoration actions at Ponds A-6, A-16 and Pond A-8
  • Review and provide feedback on proposed Phase 1 research and applied studies
  • Review and provide feedback on the Shoreline Study Problems, Opportunities, and Objectives;
  • Review and provide feedback on the proposed Shoreline Study project alternatives as they develop

Who Should Participate?

The project managers are seeking the active involvement of members of the public who live, work and/or recreate within the Alviso/North Santa Clara and South Alameda Counties. In particular, the project partners are seeking participation from community members representing the following interests or organizations:

  • Private industry and Chambers of Commerce
  • Homeowners associations
  • Environmental groups
  • Municipal and county public works and/or planning departments/agencies
  • Municipal, county and regional transportation and/or economic development agencies/organizations
  • The scientific community
  • CalTrans
  • Major private utilities, such as Pacific Gas & Electric Co. and retail water companies/agencies
  • Recreational interests (e.g., fishing, boating, bicycling, hiking, birding)

The project partners are also seeking the active involvement of local elected officials and/or their staff from cities in the area—including Fremont, Milpitas, Alviso, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and Mountain View. Members of the SBSP project’s ongoing Stakeholder Forum are also invited to actively participate in this Working Group.

The Alviso Ponds and Santa Clara County Working Group will be chaired by Clyde Morris, Manager of the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge.

Further Information

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Alviso Ponds & Santa Clara County Working Group Charter.