National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has re-installed and taken over operations and management of the tide gauge station at the confluence of Coyote Creek and Alviso Slough, (9414575 Coyote Creek, CA). Thanks also to US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Santa Clara Valley Water District for their support of the re-installation.

All of the data that is publicly available for the station is located here: NOAA tide gauge data for Coyote Creek, CA

You can both plot and download the data on the station page. The most up-to-date data available is from the previous installation back in 2011/2012; the time series is 03/31/2011 - 04/03/2012. If you have any more questions about the previous data, you can always contact NOAA User Services Team ([email protected]).

Provisionally Operational status means that the data have not undergone NOAA final quality checks. Therefore, it has not yet been determined if the data meet CO-OPS' minimum standards for dissemination. It has been released for limited public use as preliminary data. Please note that the provisional data are not appropriate for any navigational applications. Keep in mind that you should exercise appropriate caution when using provisional data and datums as they will not have been subjected to NOAA quality control or quality assurance procedures. These procedures will begin once the NOAA field crew goes back to confirm sensor stability in October 2014. Once the data and datums have been accepted, NOAA will then be able to declare the station as fully operational.

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