Draft EIR Report. Photo by Cris Benton
Draft EIR Report. Photo by Cris Benton

For ease of downloading, the Eden Landing draft EIS/R document has been posted as individual chapters, as well as the full report in two volumes, “Volume 1” (Executive Summary and individual chapters), and “Volume 2” (Appendices).

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  • Report Cover Vol 1 (PDF <1MB)
  • Report Cover Vol 2 (PDF <1MB)
  • Table of Contents (PDF <1MB)
  • Executive Summary (PDF 7MB)
  • Volume 1 – Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Report, Phase 2, Eden Landing Ecological Reserve (PDF 43MB)
  • Volume 2 – Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Report, Phase 2, Eden Landing Ecological Reserve (PDF 43MB)
  • 1 Introduction (PDF <1MB)
  • 2 Alternatives (PDF 9MB)
  • 3 Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures
    • 3.1 Introduction (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.2 Hydrology, Flood Management and Infrastructure (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.3 Water Quality and Sediment (PDF 2MB)
    • 3.4 Geology, Soils, and Seismicity (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.5 Biological Resources (PDF 4MB)
    • 3.6 Recreation Resources (PDF 1MB)
    • 3.7 Cultural Resources (PDF 3MB)
    • 3.8 Land Use and Planning (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.9 Public Health and Vector Management (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.10 Socioeconomics and Environmental Justice (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.11 Traffic (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.12 Noise (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.13 Air Quality (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.14 Public Services (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.15 Utilities (PDF 2MB)
    • 3.16 Visual Resources (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.17 Greenhouse Gas Emissions (PDF <1MB)
  • 4 Cumulative Impacts (PDF <1MB)
  • 5 Other NEPA and CEQA Considerations (PDF <1MB)
  • 6 Glossary (PDF <1MB)
  • 7 References (PDF <1MB)
  • 8 Report Preparers (PDF <1MB)
  • 9 Distribution List (PDF <1MB)

Appendices to the EIS/R

  • Appendix A: Phase 2: Preliminary Options for Future Actions (PDF 2MB)
  • Appendix B: Eden Landing Preliminary Alternatives Analysis Report (PDF 6MB)
  • Appendix C: Public Scoping (PDF <1MB)
  • Appendix D: Southern Eden Landing Preliminary Design Memorandum (PDF 18MB)
  • Appendix E: Preliminary Design Memorandum of Dredged Material Placement at Southern Eden Landing (PDF 2MB)
  • Appendix F: Signed MOU with the California State Historic Preservation Officer (PDF 3MB)
  • Appendix G: Public Access and Recreation Resources Technical Appendix (PDF 6MB)
  • Appendix H: Traffic Impact Analysis - Eden Landing Phase 2 EIS/R (PDF 4MB)
  • Appendix I: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Calculations (PDF 2MB)

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