Report Cover
Report Cover

Final EIS/R Downloads (December 2007)

For ease of downloading, the EIS/R document has been posted in sections. For some sections, a choice of versions is available—smaller files download more quickly. The documents incorporated by reference are also listed below.

For practical reasons, the paper version of the EIS/R is separated into “Volume 1” (Executive Summary through Section 3.5), “Volume 2” (Section 3.6 through the appendices), and “Volume 3” (Appendix O, Response to Comments) which presents responses to the comments submitted on the Draft EIS/R that was released in March 2007. In the downloadable version, this division is not necessary and is not made. However, references to Volumes 1 and 2 still appear in the downloadable Table of Contents.

Some web browsers display PDF files within the browser itself. This may cause problems with larger files. If you experience trouble, you may want to try right-clicking on each link and choosing "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." to download each PDF to your hard disk. These PDF files can then be opened outside of your browser using Adobe Reader.

  • Cover (PDF <1MB)
  • Cover Sheet, Title Page, and Table of Contents (PDF <1MB)
  • Executive Summary (PDF 24MB)
  • 1 Introduction (PDF 13MB)
  • 2 Description of Alternatives (Entire section: PDF 75MB; or in parts: part 1 30MB, part 2 26MB, part 3 19MB)
  • 3 Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures
    • 3.1 Introduction (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.2 South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Study (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.3 Hydrology, Flood Management and Infrastructure (PDF 10MB)
    • 3.4 Surface Water, Sediment and Groundwater Quality (PDF 2MB)
    • 3.5 Geology, Soils and Seismicity (PDF 12MB)
    • 3.6 Biological Resources (PDF 20MB)
    • 3.7 Recreation Resources (PDF 13MB)
    • 3.8 Cultural Resources (PDF 8MB)
    • 3.9 Land Use (PDF 11MB)
    • 3.10 Public Health and Vector Management (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.11 Socioeconomics and Environmental Justice (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.12 Traffic (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.13 Noise (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.14 Air Quality (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.15 Public Services (PDF <1MB)
    • 3.16 Utilities (PDF 2MB)
    • 3.17 Visual Resources (PDF <1MB)
  • Sections 4 to 10 (PDF 2MB; or choose individual sections below)
    • 4 Cumulative Impacts (PDF <1MB)
    • 5 Other Sections Required by NEPA and CEQA (PDF <1MB)
    • 6 Glossary (PDF <1MB)
    • 7 References (PDF <1MB)
    • 8 Report Preparers (PDF <1MB)
    • 9 Distribution List (PDF <1MB)
    • 10 Index (PDF <1MB)

Appendices to the EIS/R

  • Appendix A: SBSP Restoration Project Scoping Comments (PDF 3MB)
  • Appendix B: Planned Initial Stewardship Plan Actions (PDF 6MB)
  • Appendix C: South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Study Scoping Comments (PDF <1MB)
  • Appendix D: Adaptive Management Plan (PDF 2MB)
  • Appendix E: Flood Analyses Report (PDF 8.5MB)
  • Appendix F: Recreation and Public Access Program Board (PDF 2MB)
  • Appendix G: Hydrology, Flood Management and Infrastructure Impact Analysis Support (PDF 15MB)
  • Appendix H: Nutrient and Contaminant Analysis Report (PDF 4MB)
  • Appendix I: South Bay Geomorphic Assessment (PDF 19MB)
  • Appendix J: Hydrodynamic Modeling Report (complete: PDF 78MB; or in parts: pt1 27MB, pt2 30MB)
  • Appendix K: Mercury Technical Memorandum (PDF 3MB)
  • Appendix L: Groundwater Analysis Report (PDF 10MB)
  • Appendix M: List of Transportation Projects from MTC's Transportation 2030 Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area (PDF3MB)
  • Appendix N: Applicability Conformity Analysis (PDF <1MB)
  • Appendix O: Response to Comments on the SBSP Restoration Project Draft EIS/R (PDF 13MB)
  • Appendix P: Potential Additions to San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Final Environmental Assessment (PDF8MB)

Documents Incorporated by Reference

  • Initial Stewardship Plan EIS/EIR (Ch. 1-5 PDF 4MB; Ch. 6-12 PDF 8MB; Ch. 13-17 PDF 27MB; Appendicies PDF33MB)
  • SBSP Alternatives Development Framework (PDF 4MB)
  • SBSP Restoration Project Final Alternatives Report (PDF 28MB)
  • SBSP Restoration Project Public Access and Recreation Existing Conditions Report (PDF 7MB)
  • SBSP Restoration Project Biology and Habitats Existing Conditions Report (PDF 8MB)
  • SBSP Restoration Project Water and Sediment Quality Existing Conditions Report (PDF 4MB)
  • SBSP Restoration Project Flood Management and Infrastructure Existing Conditions Report (PDF 7MB)
  • SBSP Restoration Project Hydrodynamics and Sediment Dynamics Existing Conditions Report (PDF 6MB)
  • SBSP Restoration Project Final Cultural Resources Assessment Strategy Memorandum and Historic Context Report (Text: PDF <1MB | Figures: PDF 9MB)
  • SBSP Restoration Project Levee Assessment Report (PDF 82MB; or in parts: pt1 23MB, pt2 23MB, pt3 22MB, pt413MB)
  • SBSP Restoration Project Initial Opportunities and Constraints Summary Report (PDF 11MB)

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