• Status of the Restoration Project
    Steve Ritchie, State Coastal Conservancy (PDF)
  • Mercury and the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project
    M. Marvin-DiPasquale, U.S. Geological Survey (PDF)
  • Initial Stewardship Plan Status Report
    Clyde Morris (USFWS) and Carl Wilcox (CDFG) (PDF)
  • Acheving the Landscape Vision
    Michelle Orr, Philip Willams and Associates (PDF)
  • Landscape Vision of the South Bay
    Lynne Trulio, San Jose State University (PDF)
  • Draft Adaptive Management Plan
    Lynne Trulio, San Jose State University (PDF)
  • Modeling the Effects of Restoration on South San Francisco Bay Bird Communities
    Diana Stralberg et.al, PRBO Conservation Science (PDF)
  • South Bay Sediments
    Sam Luoma (PDF)